Employers and job seekers need to work with experienced search professionals who are dedicated to bringing about a timely and successful resolution to their employment needs.

MineCareer provides search services for national and international roles related to the NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE. Minecareer utilises experienced search professionals to provide a quality service for our clients and candidates. We look forward to the opportunity to build strong, effective and long lasting partnerships with clients and candidates.


Your Company needs access to Mining, Mineral Processing or Nuclear Industry Engineering Professionas quickly. You've either exhausted your conventional resources without success and/or simply need to facilitate your hiring process expeditiously without wasting time searching through volumes of unqualified or irrelevant resumes.

At MineCareer, we have the ability and expertise to help you. Our skilled and experienced search professionals understand the importance of attentively and constructively evaluating the requirements (technical and cultural) of each position and each candidate. This attention to detail allows us conduct searches that result in productive, practical and mutually satisfying placements. We partner effectively with each client to facilitate the timely on-boarding of the best qualified professional employee. MineCareer has experienced search professionals addressing these needs, with a mix of senior executive, general management, operational and engineering search backgrounds. We are adept at working on both retained and contingency assignments.


For candidates navigating through various job search websites to find the right uranium, thorium mining and mineral processing positions can be both challenging and frustrating.

You are a Mining, Mineral Processing or Nuclear Industry Engineering Professional, seeking a new job opportunity or a new career challenge compatible with your experience. You would like to find the right search consulting firm to assist you in personalising and getting the results you want from your search process.

At MineCareer we are focused on Uranium Mining the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Nuclear Industry Engineering opportunities. Our experienced search professionals will take the time to individually evaluate and classify each resume we receive. We note specific areas of expertise and interest in order to better classify your data for retrieval against the various job searches we are conducting. We routinely reach out to you via email to keep you up-to-date on those searches that may be in your area(s) of interest.

At MineCareer we have a Commitment to Quality and Value, for more on this: Click Here